Our mission is to create AI-powered tools that enhance human wisdom

Whether you're looking to reframe a challenging thought, map out a complex idea, seek a balanced perspective, or embark on a journey of deep self-reflection, Dialexity can assist, enlighten, and inspire.

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    Identifying conflicts

    Highlighting the central issues and points of opposition.

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    Analyzing dynamics

    Investigating both the positive and negative aspects of various elements and their interrelations.

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    Encouraging change

    Utilizing the insights gathered to foster positive transformations.

  • At the heart are the principles of symmetry and circular causation. We employ 'Moral Guidance Maps' for navigational assistance and spatial metrics to delve deeply into understanding emotions, personality traits, and mindsets. These metrics organize all axes on a single plane to reveal a circular pattern that enables natural transformations. Through the pairing of axes to form complementary tetrads, we pinpoint stable systems that influence our conscious and subconscious decisions.

Evaldas Taroza
Founder / Management

Computer scientist. Entrepreneur and systems developer

Alanas Petrauskas
Founder / Innovation

Chemical scientist. Algorithms and philosophical systems

Vilija Jurgutis
Product / Marketing

MBA. Advisor and business developer

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“ Every time I feel conflicted, I turn to Dialexity. It's helped me to navigate some of my toughest decisions by showing all angles of the problem. “

Our vision

The potential of AI capabilities is vast, and unlocking its full power through dialectics is essential.

Everyone deserves a wise advice

Making decisions can be challenging, leading people to seek guidance from friends and family. In today's world, seeking advice from chatGPT has also become common. If our interactions with AI were dialectical, individuals could receive considerably more valuable insights.

Everyone deserves a wise assistant

When assisting others, mediators, consultants, and coaches deal with unclear or verbose expressions, contradictions, and emotional bias. Employing dialectics enables the uncovering of biases, the revelation of truths, and the extraction of valuable insights. With the aid of AI, this process can be executed with remarkable efficiency.

The essence of Dialexity

The guiding principle of Dialexity is rooted in the concept of Universal Dialectics, a framework that celebrates the Unity of Oppositions, the Beauty of Symmetry, and the intricacies of Circular Causation. What sets us apart is our ability to balance linear reasoning, which is typically solution-oriented, with a dialectical approach that acknowledges and harmonizes opposites. We don't just aim to solve; we seek to 'Dialexify'—to elevate solutions by identifying the mutual complements of seemingly opposing ideas, to unite them, and to motivate action towards a more harmonious state.

The universality of dialectics

When we talk about dialectics, we’re talking about a concept that is ubiquitous in the world around us. In nature, the symmetry of a flower or the balance of ecosystems exemplifies the harmony of complementary relationships.

Mathematics too showcases the dialectical dance between real and complex numbers. Each concept is a synthesis, built upon the intricate relationships between simpler ideas. In physics, the principle of conservation comes from underlying symmetries, as elegantly expressed in Noether’s Theorem. Chemistry is a theatre of endless synthesis, regulated by catalysts and inhibitors mirroring the rise and fall of symmetries.

And in ethics, the Golden Rule, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," is an embodiment of the symmetry that underpins our moral universe.

In closing, Dialexity is more than just a service; it's a philosophy of understanding, a way to see the world that offers the rich tapestry of wisdom.

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