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Dialectical Bias Detector: Exposing the Invisible

What is the Dialexity Bias Detector?

Our Bias Detector is a plugin for Chrome that detects the dialectical bias of any text on the web. It evaluates the extent to which text supports the positive aspects of opposing views while avoiding exaggeration. This approach is based on the philosophy that the best conclusions can be drawn by considering the potential complementarity of opposing views. You can download the plugin here.

How It Works

  • Identify and Analyze: The plugin automatically identifies the main argument (thesis) and the opposing view (antithesis), in any text you choose.
  • Right & Wrong: It then considers the positive and negative outcomes of both sides.
  • Bias Score (BS): It calculates a Bias Score from 0.0 to 1.0, where a higher score means the text is more balanced and constructive.

Bias Score

  • 0.0 – 0.2: The text might be misleading or overly negative.
  • 0.3 – 0.4: There’s some positivity, but it’s overshadowed by negative views.
  • 0.5: Neutral, suitable for factual content.
  • 0.6 – 0.7: Positivity starts to outweigh negativity.
  • 0.8 – 1.0: Highly constructive and balanced, focusing on positive outcomes.

How to Use

  1. Install: First, download and install the plugin.
  2. Select Text: Highlight any text you want to analyze.
  3. Analyze: Right-click, select ‘Analyze’ from the menu, and see the results.
  4. Understand Your Score: The plugin provides a Bias Score and an explanation.

Note: If the analysis seems off, switch to the standard GPT 4.0 for more accuracy (though it may be slower). Also, some texts might not be processed due to content restrictions.

Disclaimer: This tool uses advanced AI (GPT-4.0) for analysis, but remember, it’s for reference only.

Our Philosophy
We believe in looking at all sides of a story. Unlike traditional bias tools that focus solely on objectivity, we emphasize the importance of constructive perspectives. We think it’s better to promote understanding and positive dialogue rather than just staying neutral or indifferent.

Stay Informed

Download the Bias Detector Now and start exploring texts in a more balanced and constructive way!