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Seeking Global Impact Investors

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Who We Are

Two passionate innovators in love with dialectics—an analytical philosopher and a systems architect—who are pioneering the integration of dialectical methods with AI technology. Discover more in our One Minute Pitch and our CVs.

What We Do

We specialize in Dialectical AI that help solving just about any tasks through formation of the right attitudes and perspectives. The power of dialectics can be seen from TRIZ – Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, used by the leading orgazitions worldwide. Yet, TRIZ is a complex system that requires intense training and dedication. Our method makes Dialectical innovation accessible by an average person, without any training, through identifying hidden biases, goals, and meanings.

Product Roadmap

  • Current Stage Dialectical Application for bias detection and personal advice in conflict resolution and tough negotiation
  • Next Stage Deeper text analysis yielding systems dynamics road-maps
  • Third Stage DialectiCore – Arbitraging, Mitigating, and Decision-Making platform
  • Fourth Stage – Decentralized Decision-Making through integrating with blockchain and systems dynamics causality maps
  • Fifth Stage – Innovative decision-making through Case-Based Reasoning and TRIZ

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower individuals to achieve self-actualization, driving sustainable global change.

Our Strategy

  • Specialization: Mediation, Arbitration, Facilitation
  • Integrations: TRIZ, InfraNodus, Case-Based Reasoning
  • Fan-Clubs: Omnicracy, Effective Altruism, Futuristic/Ethical Technology
  • Consortium: Advancing Humanity through Dialectical AI