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One Minute Pitch

1 min pitch for YCombinator

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Alanas Petrauskas (


Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) PHD in Chemistry ’83–’92


Dialexity — Founder / InnovationJan ’23–Present

Pharma Algorithms (merged with ACD) — Company Owner Jan ’01–Jan ’10

Advanced Chemistry Development, Inc., (ACD/Labs) — Co-founder, President & CEO Jan ’94–Jan ’98

My LinkedIn Profile


From an early age, I was dubbed a “philosopher.” My lifelong passion for analytical and dialectical thinking has deeply influenced my career, guiding the creation of innovative decision-making frameworks.


Evaldas Taroza (


Technische Universität Wien MA Computer Science ’05–’06

Libera Università di Bolzano MA Computer Science ’04–’06

Vilniaus universitetas / Vilnius University BA Computer Science ’00–’04


Dialexity — Co-Founder, CTOJan ’23–Present
Working on the and to make modern AI systems, such as ChatGPT reason as wise humans.

Deidis — FounderJan ’22–Present
Made SMAILD app for a Swiss ERP called “Bexio”. It allows to send physical letters (invoices, payment reminders, etc.) easier. It’s a saas offering which I don’t spend much time on, it generates around 1k revenue monthly with minimal involvment.

Sunrise Communications AG — Freelance Senior Full-Stack DeveloperNov ’20–Present
Mostly involved in advancing telesales technical setup. Also helpoing marketing with various technical tasks.

Sunrise Communications AG — Senior Web DeveloperSep ’19–Apr ’20 is a web shop of mobile devices and gadgets that was launched by Sunrise. I joined the project soon after the launch as an in-house developer, replacing the need of an external web agency. My main contribution to this project was my “multi-skillness”. As a developer I worked on all tiers from devops to frontend.Specific tasks I worked on:- Theming and configuring the webshop (Shopify Plus platform)- Setting up various tools and integrations needed for online business (Mailchimp, Google Analytics, GTM, Shopify apps, etc.)- Hacking Shopify to get the features that we needed- Developing a Shopify app using NodeJS (Adonis framework) as an integration with various APIs- Analysing conversion and sales numbers, proposing improvements- Helping marketing and content creators with technicalities, providing tools

VOX-Sprachshcule — CTO co-founderFeb ’18–Dec ’22
It’s a language school in Zurich, Switzerland. I was giving the whole “digital” edge for it. Also was doing financial accounting for it at the early stages. Business and location development – launching a new school physically. Made it survive during COVID by introducing online business case. Now the company is doing around 300k a month of revenue with a very small backoffice team. I left because the vision with my partner didn’t match anymore and couldn’t scale the business only technically. Implemented the core of the system and integrations (scheduling tool, CRM, Shopify). Tech stack PHP Laravel, AWS, NodeJS, etc.

Mövenpick Wein Schweiz AG — Magento and E-commerce DeveloperJul ’14–Jan ’19
Worked as a full-stack Magento developer and “jack of all trades” inside an agile team setup. Tasks and projects:- Requirements gathering, technical concept and implementation- Setup and fixed the integration with the payment gateway (Datatrans)- Improved and extended the integration with ERP (Microsoft Dynamics)- Guided the upgrade of Magento with an external agency- Integrated with third party marketplaces (Ricardoshops, 20 Minutes)- Integrated with various external services (Styla, EPI, Unblu, Prediggo)- SEO analysis and optimization- Writing modules, implemented layout and styling changes- Implemented satellite landing pages outside Magento webshop- Implemented the first version of the B2B webshop// Worked with: Magento, LAMP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SaaS, XML, SOAP, WSDL, Git, EPI Server, Prediggo, Google Tag Manager, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Azure, PHPStorm, Postman, Vagrant.

UFirst Group — E-Commerce Consultant and Web DeveloperNov ’12–Jun ’14
Worked as one of the lead developers on various e-commerce projects for our clients using Magento and various front-end technologies.- Implemented scalable synchronization with ERP for Vögele Shoes- Implemented core features and modules for Athleticum- Front-end design changes for Oswald// Worked with: Magento, LAMP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, SaaS, XML, SOAP, WSDL, Git, Angular, Eclipse, Vagrant.

Deutsche Bank — Web Analyst and DeveloperFeb ’11–Oct ’12
Worked as a multi-skilled developer and consultant. My job was to deliver public website enhancements, also suggest and lead the Web user experience improvements.// Worked with: Java, JBoss, Oracle, Ant, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Eclipse.

MRM — Senior Consultant and Web DeveloperSep ’07–Nov ’10
The Web agency had its own agile methodology “Optam”. Using it we delivered various websites, intranet and webshops.- Replatforming e-commerce solution for Deutsche Telekom to Magento.- Implemented Single Sign On between Magento and Drupal for an in-house solution OCentric (content, community, commerce)- Developed event scheduling tool for MCCA in Boston- Worked on various short term assignments as a quick learner where new technologies were used// Worked with: Java, Magento, Drupal, LAMP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, XML, Git, Eclipse, Drupal, Flex, GWT, Liferay, Hibernate, Spring.

Inria — R&D Software EngineerNov ’06–Nov ’07
Reengineering Active XML technology. Applied extremely deep knowledge of XML and related technologies right after graduating.// Worked with: Java, Tomcat, Ant, XML, XSD, XPath, XQuery, SOAP, WSDL, Eclipse. — Business AnalystJun ’06–Dec ’06
Worked with an advertising agency on fully implementing internal software for planning and managing resources throughout the day – schedule, time sheets, reports. Web application and Excel in the frontend, LAMP architecture in the backend.

Interneto technologijos — ConsultantMar ’04–Sep ’04
“ORACLE” e-Business Suite ERP consultant. Accounting, SQL, JAVA skills. Direct communication with customers

Bka. Upgrade Yourself — Course InstructorJun ’03–Nov ’21
Giving courses on the New Web Technologies once a year. The course provides an overview of SOA, backend, frontend, mobile, and Web 1.0, Web 2.0, Web 3.0 technologies in one week.

Idea Nova — Technical consultantMar ’03–Mar ’04
Implementation and maintenance of the “Scala” ERP. Programming MS SQL Server 2000, Windows administration, JAVA and other network technologies knowledge. Designing and implementing OLAP with MS Excel, MS Analysis Services. Client facingYour LinkedIn URL

Title: CTO

Most impressive thing that I have built or achieved.

In Lithuania during 10 years with my friend we had been fostering indie-rock music lovers community, which became a sort of a movement eventually, with 10k followers on Facebook and every band in Lithuania who was playing rock music new about that community, called “Liverpool”. We ended up doing events every month in different cities and I was standing on a stage putting mp3 files on an old computer using Winamp (on Windows) in front of 1000 people.Please tell us about a time you most successfully hacked some (non-computer) system to your advantage.

Once I was managing two offices one on the 3rd floor and one on the 5th. So ther was a 4th floor in between. We had internet connection only on the 3rd floor, I managed to bring the cable to the 5th floor and use the same subscription for the second office. The challenge was to hack into the cable pipes without neighbours on the 4th floor realizing that the cable is passing their premises.

Things I’ve built before:

1. SMAILD – an integration with Swiss Post office (using Pingen) and a Swiss ERP system called Bexio. It allows to send physical letters directly from ERP.
2. Improved way for publishing Art NFT, dedicated for people who need more control and semantics on a token
3. Pipereader – an attempt to improve speed reading. It streams text in a single spot
4. Solana blockchain reader to check which tokens are coming up soon on a DEX
5. Started to work on a sort of Zapier but more for developers. Used AWS Steps.
5. A bunch of websites, I don’t keep track of
6. A bunch of backend integrations, I don’t keep track ofList any competitions/awards you have won, or papers you’ve published.

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